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  • 執筆者の写真Dr. K. Shibata

研究者のための英語論文ライティング講座~出張講座@東京 12/12-12/17



Academic Writing in English Workshop in Tokyo

As far as I know, many Japanese students as well as early researchers (including associate professors) have several problems in writing academic English in the following areas:

  • Structuring an academic paper

  • Insufficient literature review

  • Research gaps are not clear

  • Developing research questions

  • Paragraph writing skills

Considering those issues, I have made a tentative workshop programme of academic writing skills in English as follows:

[Sample] Academic Writing in English Workshop

Kuniko Shibata, PhD (Global Agenda)

Day 1

Academic Writing [Preparation] Overview

1.5 hours

  1. Value and role of research

  2. What is an academic paper?

  3. Three pillars of academic papers

  4. Types of academic papers

  5. How to find themes in research

  6. How to define your research problem

  7. Literature review

  8. How to decide a (tentative) title

  9. Structure of an academic paper

  10. Referencing and bibliographies

Academic Writing [Get Started] Overview

2.5 hours

  1. Brainstorming and how to organise your idea

  2. How to create an outline of an academic paper

  3. Outline of an essay

  4. Outline of a monograph (academic books) & Headings

  5. Paragraph writing

  6. Developing an outline

  7. Writing an introduction of academic papers

  8. Criteria for grading or scoring academic papers

  9. Workshop + presentation

Learning Paragraph Writing Skills

3 hours

  1. Paragraph reading: how to read academic papers and books

  2. Paragraph writing: what to do?

  3. Use of signposting languages (exercise)

  4. Arguments in English

Day 2

How to Prepare a Manuscript of Academic Papers

  1. Understanding your readers (50 min)

  2. How to define your research problems (70 min)

  3. Developing your research questions (75 min)

  4. Q & A (45 min)

  5. Preparing a manuscript for international journals (90 min)

  6. Steps to organizing your manuscript (90 min)

If time is left,

How to write a good academic biography (workshop)







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